Hi, my name is Steven and welcome to Journey Never Ends!  I started this blog to share my travel experiences and to inspire other travelers to visit the amazing world that we live in.  I love to travel, find good eats, and collect travel rewards to fund my trips.  It’s an endless cycle but rewarding at the same time as I can fly Business and First Class flights practically free.  I also enjoy photography and take my camera everywhere I go, all the pictures on my site were taken by me on my travels.

My goal is to encourage my readers to travel and see other countries that they never been before.  Try new foods and bask yourself in other cultures as well as getting out of your comfort zone by going on adventures you can not experience back in your home country.  I also want to show how collecting reward points using credit cards can provide you free luxurious flights and hotels.

Follow my journeys around that world that never ends.